Welcome to JRS Jute:

Jute is the most popular natural fiber next to cotton. 90% of the world's total production of Jute is harvested in Bangladesh. That's why Jute is called the Golden Fiber of Bangladesh. Jute is totally eco-friendly and very much popular worldwide because of its cost effectiveness. Products made of Bangladeshi Jute could be used years after years as Bangladesh produces the strongest and the highest quality jute in the world.

JRS Jute is the leading manufacturer and exporter of high quality Jute products in Bangladesh. JRS supplies not only traditional Jute goods but also export diversified modern Jute products like high quality Fabrics for Home Appliances.

Jute Shopping Bag/ Jute Wine Bag / Jute Ladies Fancy Bag / Jute X-mas Bag / Jute Official Bag & Folder / Jute Floor Mat & Rugs / Jute Cushion / Jute Toys & Show-pieces/ Jute Rope / Jute Tape / Jute Yarn / Jute Net Bag / Jute Burlap & Fabric / Jute Horticulter Bag .

If you are searching for One Stop solution for sourcing all kinds of high quality JRS jute products from Bangladesh at wholesale prices, then you have come to the right place. Being one of the well known suppliers of jute goods from Bangladesh,

About JRS Jute:

JRS High Quality Jute Products and exporting worldwide with high reputation of precise Quality Control and Prompt Shipment. Fast management and extensive experience of dealing raw jute and jute goods made the company the leader of jute industries in the world.

Our CEOMd. Rumayel Alam, leads the company with his humble honesty and commitment to the world human society. His talent and enthusiasm for fine arts shine all over JRS. As a result, the whole team of JRS perform their jobs like social workers rather than corporate executives. So, it is a great pleasure to deal with each person of the company.

JRS Jute Payment Method:

We accept 100% T.T. (Telegraphic Transfer) or Wire Transfer/Bank Transfer through SWIFT to our bank account as payment method for Bulk Orders.

We are currently not accepting any kind of L/C (Letter of Credit) or D/C (Documentary Credit).

We accept small payments through Western Union for samples and small orders that are shipped through Express Couriers .

Yes !!! We always do it. After confirming the order and receive agreed TT we go for production. It take around 25-45 days to ship your product. we don't stock any product rather some common and running item.