Welcome to JRS Cane:

Cane is among the oldest natural furniture material in today unlike Bamboo, which is hollow, cane is solide timber vine that Grows in the jungles of indonesia.

What is Canne Wicker:

Cane Wicker is a weaving process, not a material. One of the materials used in the weaving process is called Cane rattan core, which comes from the Cane rattan interior. A machine cuts inside of the Cane pole, into pieces small enough in doameter for the weaving. Due to the nature of this product, splits and discoloration in the cane poles are to be expected. They even enhance the handcrafted products.

How is the Canne Furniture Constructed:

The Cane is placed on a steam box which necessary for bending the Cane and making it more pliable. Jigs are constructed for producing spacific shapes. When the Cane is streaming hot, the shaped poles are assembled with straight poles that are contoured to fit joints evenly. Our furniture is constructed only with quality hardwre. The joins where the two pieces meet are wrapped chiefly with peel/ wicker/ lather bindings.

How is the Canne Furniture:

Once the Cane furniture is complete combination of latex and alcohol base stains are used to obtain a homogeneous finish. Painstaking detail is used to prepare and sand each pieces for clean, smooth surface.
Abaca – is a species of plantain (banana) tree, grown especially for the inner layer of its bark. This robust plantation grown material is woven in intricate patterns of great style that our designers use to maximum effect.

Product care – maintenance & Cleanig :

Do not allow Cane furniture to be exposed to harsh ultraviolet sunlight for prolonged periods of time, as this can effect colour. Turn the cushions periodically. Gently wipe over the frames with amoist, clean cloth to remove dust or spills a vacuum the woven parts with a soft brush attachment. For the major liquid spills, remove all upholestery, hose the water hyacinth furniture and place outside or in a drying room to dry. Please note that it is important that the furniture is dried and not remain wet or damp for any length of time as this will result in mould and subsequent deterioration of water hyacinth furniture.

About JRS Cane Furniture :

JRS High Quality Cane furniture Products and exporting worldwide with high reputation of precise Quality Control and Prompt Shipment. Fast management and extensive experience of dealing Cane goods made the company the leader of Cane furniture industries in the world.

Our CEO Md. Rumayel Alam, leads the company with his humble honesty and commitment to the world human society. His talent and enthusiasm for fine arts shine all over JRS Cane furniture. As a result, the whole team of JRS Cane furniture perform their jobs like social workers rather than corporate executives. So, it is a great pleasure to deal with each person of the company.

JRS Canne Furniture Payment Method:

We accept 100% T.T. (Telegraphic Transfer) or Wire Transfer/Bank Transfer through SWIFT to our bank account as payment method for Bulk Orders.

We are accepting L/C (Letter of Credit) or D/C (Documentary Credit).

We accept small payments through Western Union for samples and small orders that are shipped through Express Couriers .

Yes !!! We always do it. After confirming the order and receive agreement documents and we go for production. It take around 25-45 days to ship your product. we don't stock any product rather some common and running item.